Anushree and Piyush Nyati
Reyansh Nyati
Anushree and Piyush Nyati, express gratitude for Parkids' significant role in their son's development. Engaged in diverse classes, Reyansh's confidence and skills, especially in reading, math, and Spanish, have flourished. Parkids' holistic approach, practical skill development, and commitment to makeup classes make it a top choice for parents seeking comprehensive child development. The co-ownership mindset of Parkids stands out, making it a proud choice for the Nyati family. In conclusion, they recommend Parkids to every parent for a nurturing and comprehensive approach to their child's growth.
Dr. Ishita Shah
Mother of Riaan Shah
I am grateful for the crucial role Parkids has played in Riaan's overall development, impacting his social, cognitive, and learning skills. Parkids has ignited Riaan's interest beyond the standard curriculum, notably boosting his logical reasoning and problem-solving abilities. The program's flexibility with cover-up classes and regular updates fosters a unique two-way learning process, gaining insights into what our child is learning and reinforcing it at home. For me, Parkids exemplifies excellence in teaching across all aspects.
Rashi Gandhi
Mother of Viransh Gandhi
The educational program has significantly transformed my son's personality for the better by making him understand the complex topics with an ease. Also, Parkids provides easy accessibility to meet their teachers, which gave me an experience of shared responsibilities and open communication between us.
Rashi Nanavati
Mother of Renith Nanavati
I am delighted to share my appreciation for Parkids diverse programs, which has not only contributed to Renith's academic growth but has also instilled confidence in his unique abilities. The commitment by Parkids for the cover-up sessions has been instrumental in ensuring that Renith remains at the same pace with his peers, showcasing a dedication to individualized progress. I am grateful for the program's thoughtful approach in accommodating each child's unique requirements, fostering an inclusive and supportive learning environment.
Sejal Jain
Mother of Aariiv & Aadhiraaj
I want to express my deep appreciation for the invaluable support provided by Parkids during the lockdown. Their commitment to ensuring continuous learning in challenging times has been a lifeline for my children's education. The practical approach incorporated into the courses has not only made the learning process more engaging but has also equipped Adhiraaj and Aariiv with real-world skills. Above all, Parkids has successfully brought an element of fun into learning, making education an enjoyable and enriching experience for my kids.
Shriya Kolte
Mother of Sanaira Kolte
My daughter Sanaira has been a part of the Parkids since its very inception, and the transformation I've witnessed in her over the years has been nothing short of remarkable. Whether it's captivating storytelling, immersive Spanish lessons, or learning the sometimes daunting subject of mathematics, Parkids has an exceptional knack for turning every course into an interesting learning adventure. The dedicated teachers at Parkids go above and beyond, and their passion for nurturing young minds is truly palpable. In fact, the way Parkids has curated the entire concept is truly remarkable. Sanaira's enthusiastic willingness to endure a 45-minute one-way commute is a testament to the sheer brilliance of Parkids. We, as parents, are also delighted when she returns home with these amazing concepts taught to her. All in all, if I were to sum up our Parkids experience in just a couple of words, it would be "Innovation in Education" at its finest.
Ishita Sethi
Mother of Kiaan Sethi
For me, Parkids stands as a sanctuary of knowledge for children, providing an extraordinary, in depth knowledge and exposure. Parkids commitment to organizing exceptionally well-planned field trips has broadened my child's experiential learning, offering valuable insights beyond the classroom. Moreover, the engaging summer camps have added an extra layer of excitement and enrichment to Kiaan's overall educational experience.
Palak Chawla
Mother of Diyana Chawla
As a proud parent from Parkids community, I am pleased to highlight the nurturing environment that all the courses provides for my daughter's holistic growth. Parkids has instilled a sense of independence in Diyana, as she eagerly goes to the sessions without the need for reminders. The one word that encapsulates the impact of "Parkids" for us is simply "outstanding
Shweta Gada
Mother of Yohaan Gada
Parkids has created a nurturing and positive environment for my child, fostering a love for learning. The effectiveness of the well-trained teaching staff has been instrumental in Yohaan's academic development, providing him with the guidance and support needed to thrive. Additionally, the emphasis on the creativity within all the courses has sparked Yohaan's imagination and enhanced his overall educational journey. I am grateful for Parkids commitment to excellence, contributing significantly to Yohaan's growth.
Dr Riddhi Jain
Mother of Rivaan and Aviraj Jain
I am thrilled to express my appreciation about Parkids for their effective use of blended pedagogies which has helped in the seamless transitions for my children into new levels of each course, ensuring a well-rounded learning experience.
Neelam Goyal
Mother of Avni and Avisha
The diverse range of courses offered by Parkids has ignited a deep love for learning in my daughters. The engaging curriculum has not only broadened their knowledge but also instilled a genuine enthusiasm for acquiring new skills and insights.
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