Yes, we have Pune Memory Championship as a yearly competition. Parkid of the Month is another motivational factor for existing children where we recognize and appreciate the child’s progress at Parkids.

Yes, we do organize these meetings after every level of a course to keep the parent up to date with the child’s progress. We also communicate with the group after the classes via WhatsApp to share material for the parents to practice at home.

We offer cover-up classes for every course.

We offer different courses to kids aged; 6 months to 9 years.

No, we are an after-school enrichment center.

  • Knowledge
  • Global
  • Talent
  • Speech
  • Fun shops

We offer only offline interactive classes.

Yes, we conduct the sessions in groups of a maximum of ten students per group. This helps the teacher to give individualized attention to every student. If there are more students, then we assign 2 Teachers per batch.

Yes, we have multiple workshops throughout the year, along with Summer Camps, Winter Camps, and various cultural workshops on special occasions.

We concentrate on the holistic development of every child through result-oriented classes.
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